the EPLISPedia


The Elestrial Pulse Link Integration Synchrotron, or EPLIS, is the result of an advanced research project by Dr. Archimedes. At its core is an Elestrial Segment, an extremely rare and unusual crystalline like structure that glows a purple hue. While it is believed that the segment is a fragment from a larger crystal, no others are known of. Discovered some time ago on Geminon, it moved between various science institutions before coming into the possession of the Doctor. It was generally considered to be an interesting novelty with little use, other than its glow and slight emissions of an undescribed type of radiation. On a hunch, the Doctor felt that the segment was more than what it seemed and was able to tap into its incredible power potential. After much experimentation, the Doctor created the EPLIS, a small handheld device able to tap into the untold potential power of the Elestrial Segment.

Dr. Archimedes

Brilliant. Industrious. Determined. While the Doctor may seem a bit aloof at times, he is nothing short of a remarkable genius. He remains secretive about his youth but in his young adulthood he become well known in the science and engineering circles on Planet Geminon. In a matter of years, he created some of the most remarkable advances in energy and transportation technology, including the Quantum Nano-Fusion drive for interstellar ships. He sold his patents for fabulous amounts of money and started his very own research lab. Learning of the threat of the Krios, he focused his attention on creating a technology that could stop their relentless assault on the galaxy. Soon, the EPLIS was born.


Orphaned as a child, Fleur came under the protection and guidance of Dr. Archimedes after a chance encounter in the city. She has a certain feisty spark that the Doctor saw in himself as a youth and had to help her. Fleur immediately took to tinkering in the Doctor's lab and soon started to learn how to fly and even upgrade the Doctor's personal ship, the Luna.


Rex is a yellow moiwoggle from the swampy region of the Planet Snackoia. While on an expedition to the planet, Fleur and the Doctor happened upon Rex whom took an immediate liking to Fleur. Possibly because of Yumfns she was snacking on. He followed them back to the ship, snuck on board and proceeded to raid the pantry for more snacks. Not discovering him until they returned home because they were out of food, Fleur decided to keep him and train him to be her helper, a job which he is genuinely successful at.


Beep-Boop started out as a standard multi-function droid mostly used for light maintenance. Under the helpful guidance of the Doctor, Fleur upgraded Beep-Boop with advanced AI, a powerful energy pack as well as a whole slew of upgrades taken from the Doctor's research lab. He still performs general maintenance and has also been helpful with processing data for the Doctor's EPLIS project.


From an unknown origin, the Krios first appeared in the galaxy around 500 years before their arrival at Planet Geminon. They are a pure energy based life-form that require massive amounts of heavy elements to allow them to maintain their current form. As such, they move between star systems and consume nearly all useful forms of matter, often destroying entire planets to get the resources they need. Due to their form, they are impervious to all known forms of resistance and have moved through the galaxy unchecked, displacing countless worlds. As a collective, they can absorb or deflect energy blasts and have the ability to allow projectiles to pass through them. They are always hungry and on the move.